8 actors that are actually Kpop idols

IU, Park Jin Young, Bae Suzy and more idols turn actors that left us quite an impression and hope to see more of them.

Review: Vagabond

No. of episodes: 16 Genre: Spy, Action, Politics Native title: 배가본드 Original network: Netflix, SBS After completing the drama, this is what going through my mind: “This drama definitely needs a sequel.” Terrorist attack The staged terrorist attack masked as a plane system failure and took away more than 200 lives which majority consist ofContinue reading “Review: Vagabond”

11 K-Female Characters you’ll never forget

Slowly after I compile a list of my top 11 K-Male characters, here’s the list for the female characters. Kim Mi Soo (from What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?) Even though she was in the acting scene for a while now, this is the first role that left a strong impression, also the role that madeContinue reading “11 K-Female Characters you’ll never forget”