Review: Dating in the Kitchen

Dating in the Kitchen is about romance bubbling between a 21-year-old kitchen help Gu Sheng Nan (Rosy Zhao Lu Si) and a sharp-tongue CEO Lu Jin (Lin Shen). Sheng Nan is a little helper in a 5-star hotel backend kitchen, she is talented in cooking yet was not given the platform to express herself through dishes.

tvN release teaser for upcoming drama ‘Start up’ featuring Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk

tvN’s upcoming drama Start Up (previously also known as Sandbox) 스타트업 release the first teaser featuring Bae Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Seon Ho and Kang Han Na.

Review: My Dear Lady

The drama 你成功引起我的注意了 is about a 23 year old CEO Cheng Li (Liu Te) open to hire a 24-hours standby personal assistant. The cosmetic company he established is just a lesson in his mother’s eyes and she wanted him to return to the family business soon.

Review: Mr Honesty

The drama is about a relationship between a CEO and his assistant. Fang Zhi You is a CEO of a self-established architect firm, Fang Yuan. He lives by a strict rule of no lie and pure honesty after something major happened when he was young.

Review: The Dripping Sauce

No. of episodes: 30Genre: Business, Drama, Romance Native title: 大醬園Original network: TVB Everything started from the Man Koon Brewery is a century-old soy sauce maker in Foshan. Things start to change when all the brothers and their sons have different ideal of future and slowly cause chaos in the household. Man Kai Shan (Hugo Ng)Continue reading “Review: The Dripping Sauce”

First impression: The Dripping Sauce

No. of episodes: 30Genre: Business, Family, Drama Native title: 大醬園Original network: TVB Man family run soy sauce business is a century old brand in Foshan, China name Man Koon Brewery 萬冠園. Man Kai Shan 萬啟山 (Hugo Ng) and his wife Yik Dak Yung 席德容 (Mimi Kung) is the lead for the family business. Nemisis HaContinue reading “First impression: The Dripping Sauce”

Review: Well intended love

No. of episodes: 20 Genre: Romance, Contract, Business Native title: 奈何BOSS要娶我 Original network: Netflix I mean, whoa, this is not your usual contract marriage drama. Jam packed revenge scheme and life of the China chaebols. The drama took a major roller coaster ride after my first impression of the first few episodes. SPOILER Memory lossContinue reading “Review: Well intended love”

First impression: Well Intended Love

No. of episodes: 20 Genre: Romance, Contract, Business Native title: 奈何BOSS要娶我 Original network: Netflix Chance upon this drama on my recommended section on Netflix and the trailer attracted me. Why not? Story A third-rated (C-class) 21 years old actress inspired to be a top actress in the entertainment industry was struck after diagnosed with leukemiaContinue reading “First impression: Well Intended Love”

All is Well – Taiwan vs Singapore Version 你那邊怎樣·我這邊OK

No. of episodes: 40 (currently airing) Genre: Business, Crime, Suspense Native title: 你那邊怎樣·我這邊OK Something different from the usual drama, All is Well comprises a Taiwan version and a Singapore version that can be watched individually and as a whole 40 episode drama. This is a crossover production between Taiwan and Singapore with a pretty heavyContinue reading “All is Well – Taiwan vs Singapore Version 你那邊怎樣·我這邊OK”