Rumor or Real? Youth With You 3 quietly debut the Top 9

Many controversies lead to the authorities call iQiyi to stop production of their ongoing idol survivor variety show, Youth With You 3 青春有你3. However, many fans leaked information about iQiyi secretly held the debut night on the scheduled date 8 May 2021 and confirmed the Top 9 trainees.

Just less than hours ago, the official account announced that they have decided to end the program Youth With You 3 and cancel the debut stage. Also mentioned that rumors that are spreading online are not facts. (but is it true?)

iQiyi Youth With You 3 Official Account - announced stop production
iQiyi Youth With You 3 Official Account – announced stop production. Source (1)


On the 5 May, Official Account of the program announced that they will respect the Beijing Broadcasting Authority’s decision and pause the production.

Source (1)

A few hours later, the most popular trainee Tony Yu Jingtian’s agency Astro Music announced that their artist is leaving the show due to health issues.

Tony Yu Jingtian performance
Tony Yu Jingtian

Tony Yu is the most popular trainee that claimed the crown during all three of the Official Ranking Announcement. However, jealous sparks and netizens wanted him off the show due to (1) the nationality issue and (2) suspect his parents running an illegal business at their KTV.

Astro Music Entertainment Official Statement on 5 May- Tony Yu leaving Youth With You 3
Astro Music Entertainment Official Statement on 5 May- Tony Yu leaving Youth With You 3

Even though the latter was clarified by both the agency and Tony’s mother, netizens still want him out. Him leaving the show on his own accord or not is still a suspect case as on 1 May 2021 during the fan meeting, Tony cried and expressed his thoughts and none is indicating his departure.

Supposedly debut night – 8 May

We are all so hyped about the finale but was canceled or rather postponed at first. However, now rumors leaked by various fandoms state that iQiyi has quietly held the finale and the Top 9 trainees made into the debut list is confirmed.

Photos of Dachang (the venue) showing the dark and empty place which is usually brightly lit with the trainees around. The other 10 trainees that did not make it into the list left Dachang quickly after the secret show.

rumored Debut List - Youth With You 3
rumored Debut List – Youth With You 3

The Top 9 trainees will be debuting under the group name NINEVER with the following members

  1. Luo Yizhou [罗一舟]
  2. JOJO Tang Jiu Zhou [唐九洲]
  3. Lian Huaiwei [连淮伟]
  4. Neil Liu Guan you [刘冠佑]
  5. Jerome. D Deng Xiaoci [邓孝慈] 
  6. Kachine Sun Yinghao [孙滢皓] 
  7. Jun Liu [刘隽]
  8. X Duan Xing Xing [段星星]
  9. Sun Yihang [孙亦航] 

Whether is it true or not, only time will tell. What is your thoughts on this?

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