iQiyi upcoming drama release teaser starring THE9’s Esther Yu and Ryan Ding

Moonlight - Cdrama featuring THE9 Esther Yu and Ryan Ding Yu Xi

iQiyi’s upcoming drama Moonlight is a romantic comedy featuring THE9’s Esther Yu Shu Xing and Ryan Ding Yu Xi.

No. of episodes: 40
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Business
Native Title: 月光变奏曲
Original network: iQiyi

Moonlight Cdrama Featuring The9 Esther Yu And Ryan Ding Yu Xi

The story of Chu Li (Esther Yu) entering her dream company Yuan Yue Publishing House after graduating, not knowing that it is just a beginning of a challenging path. Entering during a time that the publishing company is undergoing huge changes, her sincere personality and professionalism earn respect from many known figures.

Zhou Chuan (Ryan Ding Yu Xi) is a renowned author who is not as gentle as legend per se. He later discovers that Chu Li is his online friend that he trusts and confides in.

Check out the teaser here

Premiere date is still unknown but we have a teaser to anticipate.

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