Plot twist and half drama updates on ‘Find Yourself’

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Knowing from the beginning that the drama consist of 40 episodes, I knew the couple will break up in the mid-point (around 20). What I never imagine, the plot is unlike the usual, grow-up-come-back-after-several-years-mature and woo her back.

Since my first impression, many things changed. He Fan Xing (Victoria Song) and his company’s 22 year old designer intern, Yuan Song (Song Wei Long) got together for a brief 3 months which the relationship was kept in secret as per Fan Xing’s request.

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Stepping stone or stumbling block

After Fan Xing got to know that Yuan Song kept the chance to study abroad, she start to think that she is not his best choice. On the day of the university party, instead of announcing the relationship, Fan Xing broke two hearts.

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Realising the scheme

Yuan Song assume that Fan Xing two-timed him with Ye Lu Ming (David Wang). After knowing that Chai Min Min (Esther Yu) is his niece and linked up all the events and statements. He knew that Fan Xing was cheated by the scheme-y uncle, Lu Ming.

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Plot twist

Hopeless Yuan Song find his step-mother to help him and in return he will help her out with other thing. Her wise words hit Yuan Song, “Don’t you have the perfect example right before you?”

That is how Yuan Song is going back to the design firm as a full timer and a friend to Fan Xing. Stay as her friend in hopes to woo her back. Even though she is now Lu Ming’s girlfriend, this does not beat him down.

Giving in to society

After the breakup, many things hits her and she gave in and give a shot to Lu Ming. Thinking that a more suitable choice might work for her and her family. Very soon, they enter into a relationship and Lu Ming indirectly announced to all his circle of family and friends which adds burden to Fan Xing.

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Complicated relationship

When Min Min convinced He Can Yang (Zhang Yu Jian) to enter a relationship, he made her promise it will be underground since they are teacher-student in college and it will be awkward and bad for both of them. (I LOVE THIS PAIR)

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Currently, Fan Xing and Lu Ming is in a relationship. Fan Xing’s twin brother is dating Lu Ming’s niece, Min Min. Things get so complicated and even imagining the future possible scene makes him go crazy.

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to add on…

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Lu Ming brought Fan Xing to an event hosted by his friend which turns out to be Yuan Song’s father. Things get even more interesting here.

Anticipating the final 11 episodes and also how Chang Huan (Miles Wei) finally win over Cong Xiao (Katherine Yang).

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