Review: Intense Love (2020)

Intense Love cdrama 2020

No. of episodes: 24
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Medical

Native Title: 韫色过浓
Original network: Mango TV

The drama is about a love story between a young genius doctor Dr. Zhou Shi Yun (Ryan Ding) and a popular actress Su Jin Bei (Zhang Yu Xi) entered into an arranged marriage by their best friend mothers. Both of them refuse to admit the arranged marriage and did not appear during their engagement party.

Arranged marriage

Dr. Zhou Shi Yun’s mother passed away when he was just a kid. Her best friend Wu Di (Wu Yang) visits her with her kid Su Jin Bei and she likes her very much and hence they made the decision.

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So, both of them missed out on the engagement party (families dinner) busy working. Shi Yun is working in the hospital with a cold yet warm personality. However, his elder brother helped him to confirmed the marriage with Ji Bei’s parents.

Reunited and testing

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Zhou Shi Yun immediately knew that the actress and patient Jin Bei is his fiancee but still kept his surgical mask up. While Jin Bei only knew after awhile and decided to make him fall in love with her.

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Jin Bei’s plan is to make him fall in love and ditch him. However, love find its way and made her relationship towards Shi Yun real.

Meeting the family

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Shi Yun brings Jin Bei back to his hometown for the big ancestor praying event and his little sister keeps sabotaging them out of jealously. Ever since Zhou Su Ying (Lin Xin Yi) sees Jin Bei, she feels that she is no longer the little princess at home.

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While her countless sabotage, Jin Bei did not blame her and even explain to Shi Yun why his sister behave like this. On the other hand, Su Ying dislike Jin Bei because her scandal with her idol Xu Jia Wei (Shi Ming Ze).

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Jin Bei’s mother is the easiest to please but not her father. While it is really self explanatory that father’s princess must be treated well, Shi Yun needs to prove himself.

One sided love

Same label idol Jia Wei mask up his courage and confess to his senior, Jin Bei but was immediately rejected. The entire process was witness by another label mate who likes Jia Wei since their training days.

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She rose up to fame by the help from Jin Bei but want to destroy her fame in the entertainment industry. Jin Bei knows how to protect herself while surviving in the industry, but she is too pure to know all the scheme that was plot against her.

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Hurdles until the end

When she went all out to prove her love, the natural disaster almost call it quits.

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Formality. Even though engaged, Shi Yun still feel like it is a must for a proposal. However, this is not the ideal way that he planned.

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Overall, I love this drama. No drama from the in-laws or medical problems, purely just on how they find love and create the strong bond together.