Review: My Girl (2020)

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No. of episodes: 24
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Native Title: 99分女朋友
Original network: Youku

The drama revolves around Meng Hui (Li Jia Qi), a girl with a deep long scar on her face since young and it caused mental scar and developed dissociative identity disorder. She cross path with Shen Yi (Zhao Yi Qin), the CEO of a high end cosmetic company with multiple investments. The young and rich Shen Yi is unlike the usual CEO, he take public transport and save every penny he can living a thrifty lifestyle.

Meng Hui’s mental condition causes her to switch into another personality when she is under extreme pressure and will only recover when the alter personality’s wish is fulfilled. Meng Hui clinched a job as make up artist for a program that Shen Yi’s company starts.

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Cross path

Shen Yi’s cosmetic company, LS was establish for the sole purpose of developing a foundation that can cover up scar. Backtrack to his elementary school days, Shen Yi accidentally slashed a little girl’s face and left a long scar on her face. The incident still scars him till this day.

The company is loosing money for day one but Shen Yi did not care. To find a new endorsement model, they created a variety show to cast talents and Meng Hui joined the program as make up artist.

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Meng Hui’s split personality was unleashed and proclaimed to be Shen Yi’s girlfriend. He was annoyed and pushed her away until Meng Hui’s friend cum psychologist Ah Tao (Pu Tao) explained her condition to him.

Found her

Every personality that Meng Hui has subconsciously ignore the fact of the scar on her face. To help the program to run smoothly, she agrees to be an extra on the show. During the round of show, they are supposed to melt their make up and hence the scar was revealed. Shen Yi ran from the panelist chair to the stage to protect her from the live broadcast.

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Out of guilt, he starts to show kindness to her and date her. He had a hard time trying to figure out the feelings for Meng Hui is out of guilt or really love her.

Different personalities

The first personality’s wish is to be a make up artist. Second is to date Shen Yi and the final one is at the 10th year of their marriage in 2030.

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Every personality reveals her inner thoughts and desire that a normal person will never reveal. The magnify inner self stood out for you but what is more precious is the group of friends that act along with her and find out what she wants every time.

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Not easy for them. The mental condition developed from a young age can really scar one.

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