Review: Reset

Reset Cdrama 2022 2

No. of episodes: 15
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Native title: 开端
Original network: Tencent Video

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Qi Dao Jun. The mystery drama started when Li Shi Qing (Angel Zhao) realise she is stuck in a loop that leads her to a bombing death within minutes. Tried numerous ways to prevent the tragic but it did not work.

On her 5th try, she coincidentally pulled Xiao He Yun (Bai Jing Ting) into the loop by dragging him down from the bus. Even thought the bomb still took place at the same time, but she woke up in the same loop with a comrade.

Overall, this drama is beautifully written with intense plot and build up. Even though the scene and the cast are always the same, it did not feel the same but weirdly familiar as well. 

Rating: 4.5/5

New Hope

After waking up several times and going through the same bomb repeatedly, Shi Qing knew that it was caused by the collision of the bus, delivery scooter and a delivery oil tank. She wanted to prevent it from happening by delaying the time of the accident so it will pass. However, it did not go as her way.

Reset Welcome To The Loop

Now with He Yun joining the loop, both of them could not explain why they are in the loop, what is their mission and why only both of them. Took He Yun few loops to realise and face the fact. Both of them change the direction for the next loop, instead of getting the bus to stop, they will prevent the accident from happening.

The ringtone

Just when they thought that the loop has ended when they successfully avoided the accident at the junction, the bus exploded when they hit the bridge at 1:45 PM after Shi Qing heard a familiar ringtone.

Again, they woke up in the bus and was really puzzled of why it exploded again. Instead of finding a solution on the bus, they align one stop before the bombing take place and try to map things out, bit by bit. Figuring it out what happened at every loop and what they did.

Shi Qing told him she heard the same ringtone that she vaguely remember hearing in the first two loops. It might be that they cause the trigger of the bomb on the bus.

Bomb on the bus

After the clock strikes 12 AM, they are back in the loop, waking up minutes before the bombing take place. Shi Qing and He Yun successfully prevent the accident in the cross junction and head to the bridge. The bus exploded at the bridge at 1:45 PM.

They confirmed that there is a bomb on the bus. Start to investigate who is the suspect one by one.

Reset In The Loop Ep 8

Will finding out who is the carrier stop them from the bombing? What cause them to enter the loop and how can they get out?

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