Shin Sung Rok crash course in ‘Master in the House’


In episode 102 of Master in the house, we welcome the new member, Shin Sung Rok, the charismatic actor. Who knows, his charm is so different yet still awesome.

The original four members decide to give him a crash course on what is Variety with the set of things that they have prepared. And he aced it!

The Superman outfit

Shin Seong Rok GIF

Sang Yoon wore the superman outfit to the opening of the episode and planning to give the new member to wear what he wore. Sung Rok totally enjoying the new outfit he has.

Eating Lemon after elephant spin

Seunggi prepared fresh lemon challenge for him and increase the difficulty by adding 10 elephant spin.

Shin Seong Rok GIF

Bitter tea and random song

Se Hyung and Sung Jae prepare the unexpected bitter tea after the lemon challenge. He also challenge the new member with unique set of alien words that he taught the original members and master in the previous episode.

Shin Seong Rok GIF

Auto Centre

They also observed that he will automatically take the center and front when it is his turn to perform which amazed them.

Tallest member

Sang Yoon is the tallest member standing 186cm, with the addition of Sung Rok he is the tallest member now, standing 188cm.

You can catch the episode on Viu SG here.

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