Upcoming MBC fantasy thriller release script reading with the cast member

Upcoming MBC fantasy thriller Kairos 카이로스 release the first glimpse of the cast during their first script reading.

Shin Sung Rok, WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon and more meet up for upcoming MBC drama ‘Kairos’

The upcoming romantic fantasy thriller, Kairos 카이로스 have their cast gather for a meeting today. The drama is set to premiere in the second half of 2020 with 32 episodes.

Lee Sang Yoon and Yuk Sung Jae leaving ‘Master in the House’

This is a sad news for all the ‘Master in the House’ fans out there. For the past 2 years, we have been seeing the growth of the 4 fixed cast members and welcome a new blood in 2020. They are currently filming their final episode by taking a trip with only the cast membersContinue reading “Lee Sang Yoon and Yuk Sung Jae leaving ‘Master in the House’”

Shin Sung Rok crash course in ‘Master in the House’

In episode 102 of Master in the house, we welcome the new member, Shin Sung Rok, the charismatic actor. Who knows, his charm is so different yet still awesome. The original four members decide to give him a crash course on what is Variety with the set of things that they have prepared. And heContinue reading “Shin Sung Rok crash course in ‘Master in the House’”

“Master in the house” welcome new cast

Master in the house, aka All the Butler is a K variety show that air since 2018 with 4 fixed cast members. Original network: SBS This is one of the variety show I’m catching up on constantly as I really like the idea of the show. Visiting famous and notable individuals house and staying withContinue reading ““Master in the house” welcome new cast”