Key moments from GOT7’s ‘HOMECOMING’ 2022 FANCON you cannot miss

Got7 2022 Fancon Homecoming May

Building up to their long-awaited comeback, GOT7 gathered together for a back-to-back fan meet with ahgases (iGOT7) at South Korea Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul over the weekend. The very venue where they held their first concert FLY IN SEOUL back in 2016.

The concert/ fan meet tickets for both days were sold out within 20 minutes.

Parents giving out rice cakes

Even before entering the venue, fans caught Jay B and Jinyoung’s parents giving out rice cakes outside the hall to thank fans for their support.

Jinyoung’s interaction with his parents seating in the audience.


D1 of the show which happened on 21 May lasted 4 hours while the usual duration for a similar event is around 2 hours. Fans and even the members did not expect it to run so long but I guess everyone crave this gathering for quite some time.

Wanggaeparkgae moments

Not sure about you, but this is definitely my personal favorite ship within GOT7. The 94’s line includes Jackson and Park Jinyoung.


หวังแกพัคแก 💗#got7 #got7forever #got7homecoming2022fancon

♬ 딱 좋아(Just right) – GOT7

Jinyoung shaved his head for the movie Christmas Carols and was wearing wig throughout his promotion since. However, he showed up with his natural short hair, and Bambam questioned why. Jinyoung jokingly says Jackson told him he will pull it off during the performance. But deep down, Jackson wanted him to be confident and gave him encouragement to be himself.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my JJP as well!

Uncalled photo time

Knowing that no cameras are allowed into the venue, fans will sneak in anyway. GOT7 stands right in the middle of the stage and called for a photo time where they just pose for cameras from the ground.

Got7 2022 Fancon 039 Homecoming 039 Photo Time By Peachbaby Jinyoung
GOT7 2022 Fancon ‘Homecoming’ photo time by Peachbaby Jinyoung

Jinyoung dropping tears

It is really really rare and uncommon for our actor park to shed tears. But he did it on Day 1 of the Fancon. Going from full-time idol to full-time actor in the past (almost) 2 years, being back on stage as an idol, with his boys is definitely sentimental.

Yugyeom lost his voice

This is not the best highlight of the show, but it proves the bond between GOT7 and fans is sweet and understanding. Towards the end of D1, Yugyeom’s vocal hurts but reassures fans that he is trying his best to recover. Everyone understands his condition and hopes he can recover by 23 May for the live show.

D1, the hyungs look up to him to give Yugyeom support during his part.

D2, fans sang along to his parts so the stadium will not feel as empty.

Thankful, grateful

Lastly and most importantly, really thankful and grateful to the boys’ respective labels for supporting and even getting excited about GOT7’s comeback.

The cast of Christmas Carols went to support Jinyoung.

Our sunshine

Fans camp outside the entrance/exit to see the boys a little more. Almost all the members took a walk around to greet the fans before heading up to their ride.

Official Merch next

Something to look forward to after the fancon ended. Hopefully there will be the DVD or the video of the Fancon itself.

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