Review: Dine with Love

Dine With Love 2022 Drama Main Character

No. of episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Native title: 陪你一起好好吃饭
Original network: Hunan TV, Mango TV

The romantic comedy drama started when Yu Hao (Gao Han Yu), the CEO and face of a TV cooking show was exposed of using doubles for the scenes. Su Ke Lan (Zheng Qiu Hong) was promoted to the director of PR department to solve this trending situation the company is caught into. She became Yu Hao’s personal coach to learn culinary from scratch to convince viewers on his efforts.

Overall, the aim and message that the scriptwriter and director wants the viewers to get it really clear and warm. Not taking every meal for granted and the importance to eat with your love ones is really important and could be a rare moment. 

The chemistry between all 3 pairs in the drama are great and really fun to watch. 

Rating: 4/5

I rather quit

Crisis arise when the truth was leaked. Yu Hao, the workaholic, the CEO and face of the brand was exposed to use doubles for his cooking shots and the fact he have no idea how to cook. Deceiving audiences and supporter of the brand, the PR manager was fired by Yu Hao and the entire team witness it.

Dine With Love First Pr Crisis

Su Ke Lan who was handpicked to promote and have to solve the PR crisis within 24 hours, if not she will be fired as well. Able to handle and proposal a solution, Ke Lan works with Yu Hao constantly and hit a breaking point.

She told him, if working means she have to sacrifice her dinner with her mother, she rather quit.

Trashy boyfriend

Su Ke Lan is not a materialistic girl, she is really devoted to her boyfriend who works in another city. Understanding that it is not possible to meet on a regular basis, she is mature but did not expect him to lie and went out for matchmaking with other people.

Dine With Love Yuhao Saving The Mess

Yu Hao chance upon the cheating boyfriend when he was a loud and vocal patron at his little uncle’s restaurant. Silently knew the context and saved the mess that happened.

Cooking Mentor

To convinced the audience, the producer company, and more, Su Ke Lan propose to get Yu Hao to cook himself during the show. In order to do that, Yu Hao hire Su Ke Lan to be his mentor and pay her outside of her day-to-day job.

Dine With Love Cooking Mentor

Slowly, the pair starts to get closer and meet on a regular basis. Fall in love, how will dating a workaholic change the relationship and the idea of having a proper meal with her family?

Other love lines

Dine With Love 2022 Drama Poster Wang Pei Han And Lu Lu 2

Su Ke Lan’s best friend Han Meng (Wang Pei Han) is her childhood friend and a colleague in the PR department. In a lightning speed, she got married to Gong Wen Xing (Lu Lu) whom she met through a celebrating event by her company.

Gong Wen Xing is Yu Han’s little uncle but same age friend. Turns out, Han Meng and Wen Xing met when they were young. Fate brought them together and they immediately went to register for marriage.

What will happen to them? Married on impulse?

Dine With Love 2022 Drama Poster Bai Xin Yi And He Lei 2

This couple got closer together initially for another reason. Jin Yi (He Lei) is the director of the production house want to woo Su Ke Lan.

Zhang Bi (Bai Xin Yi) is an actress and also host of the cooking program. She has her eyes on Yu Han and determine to woo him.

Seeing Yu Han and Su Ke Lan getting close together, Zhang Bi initiate them to get together and brainstorm of ideas to woo the respective target.

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