Park Bo Gum working hard to achieve his dream in tvN’s Record of Youth

The still cuts reveal Sa Hye Joon taking one step closer and walk on the T-stage as a model. Later in the day working hard in a restaurant taking on several part time jobs to earn a living.

Park Bo Gum, Park So Dam, Byung Woo Seok and more attend the script reading for tvN’s upcoming drama

tvN’s upcoming drama, Record of Youth (also known as ‘The Moment’) 청춘기록 is one of the highly anticipated drama since I saw the news of it in making. Today, we have more insights of the cast at the first script reading. The drama is about lives of three individuals in today’s fashion modelling industry. Living in the generationContinue reading “Park Bo Gum, Park So Dam, Byung Woo Seok and more attend the script reading for tvN’s upcoming drama”

Review: Reply 1988 (2015)

No. of episodes: 20Genre: School, Comedy, Romance, Family  Native title: 응답하라 1988Original network: tvN (available on Netflix)  The story is about 5 families living in the same neighbourhood, Ssangmundong in Seoul back in 1988. The families are closest friends amongst themselves, especially the 5 childhood friends from each family.  It is pretty melodrama-like and slow,Continue reading “Review: Reply 1988 (2015)”

Park Bo Gum is the new chef in 'Itaewon Class'

I will try my best to contain the excitement while typing everything out. Everyone knew that Bo Gum will be making his cameo in the final episode of Itaewon Class but I totally did not think about it when I’m watching the intense finale until he appeared! UNCONTROLLABLE BUTTERFLIES His cameo gave a whole newContinue reading “Park Bo Gum is the new chef in 'Itaewon Class'”