Battle of the Seven Sisters

Battle of the Seven Sisters - TVB Drama
Battle of the Seven Sisters – TVB Drama

A billionaire passed and left his will to seven daughters from different mothers. Each of them has their own mission and task to complete in order to inherit their part. From the legally married wife, he has three daughters, Alison Koo, Koo Ching Tung, and Hailey Koo. From another mother, Grace Koo Yu Ma is the third daughter by age and the lost contact daughter.

No. of episodes: 26
Genre: Family, Legal, Drama, Romance
Native title: 七公主
Original network: TVB

Premiere: 9 Aug 2021

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.



Priscilla Wong

Alison Koo Ling Shan
(Eldest Daughter)

Samantha Ko

Samantha Ko

Koo Ching Tung
(Second Daughter)

Rosina Lam

Rosina Lam

Grace Koo Yu Ma
(Third Daughter)

Timothy Cheng

Philip Sum Chiu Yin

Billy Luk Wing Keun

Hanson Ma Ke Chun

Lau Dan

Koo Pak Fong

Jeannie Chan

Jeannie Chan

(Fifth Daughter)

Judy Kwong

Judy Kwong

Jasmine Fong Chor Yu

Tsui Wing

Gordon Wong Lam/ Cheui Ming Hin

Kaman Kong

Kaman Kong

Hailey Koo Sheng Yee
(Fourth Daughter)

Karl Ting Tze Long

Sung Wan Kei

Moon Lau

Moon Lau

Maya Cheuk Mei Nge

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