Favorite Moments in 2018 MAMA Hong Kong

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Finally, the D-Day is here!

MAMA 2018, Korea – 10 December 2018
MAMA 2018, Japan – 12 December 2018
MAMA 2018, Hong Kong – 14 December 2018

Prior the MAMA awards day, GOT7 was featured in the countdown D-6 and hint ahgase that they are going dark, a nightmare for lullaby! Means the sexy see-through outfit is back again?

Thankful that we have toggle on board to do a live broadcast in Singapore for 2018 MAMA Hong Kong. Even though it is really lack compared to the tvN Live.

Red Carpet: 5pm – 6:30pm (i did not know there’s the official RedCarpet and one by M2)
Awards: 7pm – 11pm

#1 GOT7 Lullaby (dark version) + Nightmare

All night waiting for this! And it’s totally worth it!

#2 GOT7 Ageyo on Red Carpet

Animated GIF
my first ever crafted gif. GOT7 Ageyo on MAMARedCarpet

Honestly, I did not know that there’s another red carpet area that was live by Mnet M2, so GOT7 first appear there (which is a lively and less formal setting) before heading over to the #MAMARedCarpet.

#3 JJLin + Kim Jung Kook

It is really a surprise! I thought JJ came to present an award, but end up bringing home the Best Asian Artist Award for Mandarin Category.

#4 Wanna One’s Beautiful (MAMA version)

This is really a beautiful performance by them. Even though the centre is obviously Daniel, but other members do show off their charm during the performance as well.

#5 GOT7 Lullaby (Ballad version)

#6 Yugyeom’s Fine (And Jinyoung’s Fly)

Even though I’m not entirely sure why Jinyoung’s Fly happened, but it’s him, so I enjoyed every second. Since the agenda released, many ahgases trying to picture what does “Jinyoung Fly, Bridge” means.

But I’m proud of magnae, taking over the stage with his solo performance.

#7 Winning speech from Jackson in Cantonese

I guess many are waiting for this moment, Jackson in Cantonese. Make so much sense for Hong Kong ahgases and other fans. The first thing he asked “Did you guy had your dinner?” and you can hear the crowd answering him. That’s the best thing ever!

Congratulations to GOT7 for winning the TikTok Most Popular Artist in MAMA 2018. But most importantly, congratulations on #Miracle1stWin on Music Bank today!