Review: The Exorcist Meter 2.0 降魔的2.0

The drama is about Ma Kwai (Kenneth Ma) journey as an exorcist after absorbing the supernatural power from Shik Gam Dong.

TVB drama ‘Detective Investigation Diaries’ commence filming soon

Another TVB drama Detective Investigation Diaries (literal translation) 刑偵日記 announce it filming as the cast gathers together for the blessing ceremony. The upcoming drama is a collaboration between TVB and Youku with another American company Imagine Entertainment. The romance thriller investigation drama has really big cast from the A-list with Kara Wei, Vincent Wong, PhilipContinue reading “TVB drama ‘Detective Investigation Diaries’ commence filming soon”

First impression: The Exorcist’s Meter 2.0 降魔的2.0

The drama is about Ma Gwai (Kenneth Ma) who is a taxi driver by human eyes and chose the path as a exorcist due to the possession of the supernatural powers.

First impression: Brutally Young 十八年後的終極告白

The drama started with a group of secondary school boys accidentally killed a classmate and decide to bury him and go back to their every day. 18 years later, the skeleton was exploded and the seven boys now men gathered together to find solution to cover their trails.

Review: My Life as Loan Shark

No. of episode: 25 Genre: Comedy, Drama Native title: 街坊財爺 Original network: TVB Honestly, it is not a really well-written drama but with a good cast. It takes two hands to clap and create a brilliant drama altogether. Relatively easy drama to watch if you understand Cantonese, multitasking is definitely not a challenge. Lightning strikesContinue reading “Review: My Life as Loan Shark”

My Life As Loan Shark 街坊財爺 starts on 2 Sep

No. of episode: 25 Genre: Comedy Original Network: TVB Native title: 街坊財爺 Starting from 2 Sep to 4 Oct 2019, we will be having a light heart drama. Previously known as “Fighting House”, this is one of the drama that I anticipate in 2019. Starring: Kent Cheng, Mandy Wong, Lok Yi Lai This is the firstContinue reading “My Life As Loan Shark 街坊財爺 starts on 2 Sep”