Trainees that was affected by Produce 101 manipulation and where they are now

The list of trainees who were affected due to the manipulation was publicly announced but the trainees who were benefited from the manipulation will not be revealed.

‘Produce X 101’ trainees proves that friendship is still going strong

Kim Min Kyu, Hangyul and Lee Jin Hyuk posted a photo of them with other trainees who are also members of X1’s Yohan and Dohyon. Even though I’m not exactly sure what event pull them back together, but I love to see them maintain the friendship built through Produce X 101. But from Hangyul’s caption,Continue reading “‘Produce X 101’ trainees proves that friendship is still going strong”

PD Admit to manipulate for all Produce series

Previously, PD Ahn Joon Young only admit to manipulate votes for season 3 & 4 (Produce 48 and Produce X 101) respectively and said he did not affect the votes for the first two seasons. After countless news speculating the benefit of doubt, it is confirmed. PD Ahn Joon Young admit that he did manipulateContinue reading “PD Admit to manipulate for all Produce series”

PD and Chief Producer arrested for manipulating votes for Produce series

This is sad to know that the results are manipulated by the PD for both Produce 48 and Produce X 101. Even said, the news broke and affected both IZ*One and X1 members which is considered unfair as they might not be aware of such activities behind. (I’m guessing so…) From all the reports thatContinue reading “PD and Chief Producer arrested for manipulating votes for Produce series”

8 Favorite Performance in Produce X 101

The series of Produce X 101 have finally ended on 19 Jul, however, it is also a new beginning for X1 members. The 101 trainees put up very good performance throughout the shows ever since the start of their audition. Even though only 11 members made it to debut as X1, we will still anticipateContinue reading “8 Favorite Performance in Produce X 101”

Birth of X1 – Produce X 101

Produce X 101 aired its final episode on the 19 Jul 2019 and X1 is born. The 11-member group will be preparing for their debut stage as X1 on 27 August at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul. OUI Entertainment produce the champion, the center for X1 in this season of Produce X 101. Both StarshipContinue reading “Birth of X1 – Produce X 101”

Current Bias in Produce X 101

After I started watching from the very beginning, I start to see more potentials and stories behind the 101 trainees. Here are a few trainees that I support. Song Yu Vin (The Music Works) This is my ultimate favourite when I watched the Lullaby performance. He’s vocals and visuals just caught my eye. It isContinue reading “Current Bias in Produce X 101”