TVB confirm air date for upcoming investigation drama On-lie Game 迷網

Just a few more days to the premiere of On-Lie Game 迷網, a police investigation of crimes in the cyber world. Matt Yeung Ming and Samantha Ko Ling paired up again since My Commission Lovers 婚姻合伙人. Senior Inspector Sunny Seto Zhong (Yeung Ming) and Inspector Denise Siu Mei Ting (Hera Chan) are from the ScienceContinue reading “TVB confirm air date for upcoming investigation drama On-lie Game 迷網”

Review: My Commissioned Lover 婚姻合伙人

No. of episodes: 20 Genre: Drama, Property Original network: TVB Native title: 婚姻合伙人 The drama that was in the “fridge” of the TVB Drama library for a couple of years finally aired. Because of the Jacqueline incident, the drama she was involved in was replaced by this. Brief summary of the story is about theContinue reading “Review: My Commissioned Lover 婚姻合伙人”

Review: Fist Fight [兄弟]

No. of episodes: 30 Genre: Action  Original network: TVBAir period: 12 November – 23 December 2018  The Cast Main Brothers: Vincent Wong (as Cheung Fei Fan, Fever), Matt Yeung Ming (as Ha Tin Hang, Leo), Philip Ng (as Ho Tit Nam, Iron) The female leads includes; Karman Kong (as Sitting), Rebecca Zhu (as Yeung Ching Ching),Continue reading “Review: Fist Fight [兄弟]”

Review: Apple Colada

Another good drama ended this Friday, the Apple Colada 果欄中的江湖大嫂. So some backstory, if you have seen this photo below, that’s the original cast of Apple Colada. Which includes Moon and Elaine that did not end up participating in this drama. No idea why Elaine end up not in the cast, but Moon gave upContinue reading “Review: Apple Colada”