Review: Forensic Heroes 4 (2020)

Forensic Heroes 4

No. of episodes: 30
Genre: Crime, Investigation, Police, Action

Native title: 法證先鋒IV
Original network: TVB

After waiting for almost a decade and the panic moment that it is almost ‘killed’, we are finally watching the fourth sequel (season) to Forensic Heroes which started back in 2006. 

The departments


Ko On 高安 (Raymond Wong) leads the forensic Laboratory team as a Senior Chemist and their role is to find the evidences and trace it to the original source to find the truth. His right-hand man includes Queen Sui 水慧明 (Alice Chan) and the rest of the Scientific Evidence Officer (S.E.O.) Charm Ting 湛霆 (Fred Cheng).

Dr. Man Ka Hei 聞家希 (Selena Li) is the Senior Forensic Pathologist who uncover the truth through evidence left in the human body.

Kwok Fai-wong 郭輝煌 aka King (Shawn Tam) is the Senior Inspector of Kowloon West Regional Crime Unit. His team includes Ko On’s youngest sister Ko Ching 高靖 (Rebecca Zhu).

The cases

The technology advancement is the highlight of the drama, using 3D scans to capture the crime scene and not miss a single details. The drama focuses more on the cases and how to break it instead of the characters development.

Amongst all the case, this is probably my favourite where a mom reunited with her son she lost 2 decades ago. End up this is not the son she is finding and more happened.

Reunite GIF

The lost sister

Ko On and Ko Ching is the only siblings in the drama, such a cute pair to see their interactions at home and how supportive they are to each other. Both strong and tough at work, they are missing the middle child in the family.

Ever since their middle sibling was kidnapped decades ago and lost both their parents, they are pretty much relying on each other but did not give up finding her.


Character development

Not as well written compared to the first 3 seasons on the background and the progress for each main characters. The romance (love) lines all developed pretty late into the drama and escalates on the final episode.

The relationship between Queen and King is unexpected in the beginning but I do get the connection after more interactions made. Which I think it should happen earlier. Amongst all the love line, this is probably the best written.

Dance GIF

When Dr. Man date her late sister’s boyfriend Stan Lee. I do smell the flirting going on, even though it is slow, but its nice to see them together.


BACKSTORY: Ko On (Raymond Wong) and Chris Tsui 徐意 (Roxanne Tong) have to re-film the entire part of the drama due to the scandal from the previous casted actress. I do prefer seeing them since I can’t picture all these scene with the previous actress, but I need more than this.

Chris Tsui is a righteous news reporter that go all out to find the truth. She was connected with the rest because of finding the lost Ko On. Found him and her guilt helped him to find the 2nd sister that was kidnapped decades ago.

There isn’t too much of a flirting vibe there and it suddenly escalates to this: (I mean, its really cute, but need more build up.)

Confession GIF
Buying a ring next? This is the same date that they confirmed their relationship.

Classic ending

A beginning of a new case to end the drama. Such a classic! But clowns again? Coulrophobia.

Drama GIF

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
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